Festival stage


2024 Aug 10


21:30 - 23:00


The antiquity of traditional music, the sophistication of classical music, the energy of rock music and the clarity of Bartók's thinking characterize the Hungarian Söndörgő band, one of the most exciting, innovative and successful bands on the international world music scene.

When Söndörgő was founded more than a quarter of a century ago, today's members were still children and practically grew up with the band. Four of the five members belong to the same musician family: three brothers (Áron Eredics, Benjámin, Salamon) and one cousin (Dávid Eredics). Their spiritual hinterland is represented by the legendary Vujiccs Ensemble, which has been in existence for almost fifty years and plays authentic South Slavic folk music: it includes other Eredics musicians, father and uncle figures. The musical education of the members of Söndörgő therefore began nine months before their birth, in accordance with Zoltán Kodály's ideal.

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